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Our Responsibility


In a nutshell

 &me is not a sustainable brand

  There is a huge contradiction between the fashion industry which is based on selling more clothes and the concept of sustainability and protecting the environment

 We want to be as responsible as we can be by making good choices to minimise our impact both environmentally and socially

But as a start-up fashion brand in the fast fashion world we want to do things slightly differently

Here's how…

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In summary

As a small brand we have limited resources to have an in depth sustainability strategy

We want to keep it simple.

Buy less clothes.

We will always be affordable like other fast fashion retailers

as a viable company we need to grow but we will not strive for that for that growth at the expense of everything else

We will run the products for more than one season

We will encourage you to rethink about how you style a garment to get more wears from it

Wearing clothes longer is not just something that should be applied to expensive fashion. Whatever it cost, it needs to be worn more often

We will offer you discounts and new products but at a slower pace

We call it Flow Fashion

We hope to prove that a business can be successful grow and prosper and at the same time part of its DNA is about encouraging you not to buy our clothes

This more thoughtful view on how we grow our business will we hope attract other like-minded people to pause and think before buying more stuff

We want to see the end of the day is when our wardrobe has clothes in it with labels that have never been removed and have not been returned because the postage was more expensive than the garment

We must appreciate the clothes we own more, and this shouldn't just be applied to designer fashion because it was expensive to buy

The idea of wearing a garment once is not only dated and uncool it will also ruin our world.

We call it flow fashion because put simply it's slower fast fashion.