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Our Story

For women who appreciate the world around them and own their place in it.

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Our Story

We love clothes as much as you do, girl. That’s how ANDME Online was born - from a pure love of all things fashion. But we’re also a little more than that.

We’re all about you getting your fashion fix without putting too much strain on the planet, which is why we want to show you how to make the most out of the clothes you love - styling them over and over without ever compromising on the look.

Our Mission

The only real way to be environmentally aware is to buy less stuff. That’s why we’re throwing out the fast fashion culture of over-production, constant sales and wear-once-and-replace style.

At ANDME Online, we’re slowing things right down, showing you how to make the most of our items as well as the items you already own.

Part “fast fashion”, part “slow fashion” - we’ve coined it flow fashion.



We know how much staying on trend means to you, girl, which is why we’ll still drop new collections & sales but at a much slower pace. Trust us, you don’t need a new item every time you want to hit the town, you just need to know how to re-style an old one!
Ready to update your wardrobe with some sustainable style? Shop our full collection of tops, bottoms, and co-ords.

Our Story

ANDME Is a collaborative women’s clothing brand working with your style and our key fashion pieces. Affordable, tran-seasonal and different, we love to see you making a statement in clothes you love. Restyling investment pieces this week, next month and through the coming years.

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