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The Product

We are currently blinded by science, when talking about environmental issues in the fashion industry

We see the solution as being very simple…

  • We must all buy less clothes it's a simple as that
  • Sustainable, Ethical, organic, nett carbon neutral, good fabrics and bad fabrics are all important factors. But for as long as the “business of fashion” is a business, it fundamentally requires businesses to encourage you the customer to buy more stuff
  • As a new brand brand operating in the fast fashion world we do think that things can be done a little differently

We want to slow down fast fashion

  • Of course we will bring you new clothes, and give you great value and sales, but the pace that we do this will be much slower
  • Often clothes are reduced by 70 or 80% just because a virtually identical new garment is due to be delivered in a few weeks time

We will not do this

  • We will think more carefully about the styles we offer and try to encourage you to think slightly differently when making a decision to buy something
  • Fast fashion, whilst relatively inexpensive, is designed and made to last much longer than the majority of us wear the garments for
  • So we will spend less time encouraging you to buy clothes at huge discounts and try to encourage you to look at a garment and think about different ways to wear it

  • We will show you outfitting ideas with clothes that we don't sell
  • If we can encourage you to pause before buying a garment just because it's cheap and instead get more wears from something you already own, that’s a win win

We call this "flow fashion"

"Fast fashion prices with a slow fashion mindset"